Who is NHP Direct

NHD Direct builds websites so you can use the internet to enhance your business

Whether your business is in natural health retailing, a natural blog and social media influencer sports health (gym or club)  or any natural modality ( massage therapist, chiropractor etc.), as long as you believe in natural health and natural health supplementation, NHD Direct (Natural Health Distribution) should be your go-to company for bringing your business to life on the internet. 

The internet has become the number one channel consumers use when sourcing a business or looking for a solution to a problem. If you are not present on the internet, you could be missing out on the biggest opportunities to get noticed and to bring recognition to your business. 

Does your business name appear when a potential customer surfs the web looking for a product or business? Did you know that without an active website, a consumer may question how valid your business is?  

  • We create, customize and manage your Marketplace for yo
  • You connect your  Marketplace to a new or existing domain
  • We handle customer service, product catalogue, inventory & pricing
  • We manage, process, & ship your orders
  • We handle all financial & sales tax reporting
  • We handle all financial & sales tax reporting
  • We provide you with Marketing materials that you can use on social media or in email campaigns