PRECISION Beta - A (Unflavoured - 400 gr)

PRECISION Beta - A (Unflavoured - 400 gr)

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  • Helps increase carnosine levels
  • May reduce muscle fatigue
  • No added fillers
  • 6g of Beta-Alanine daily
  • Promotes an increase in lean muscle mass

  • Description

    Beta-A from Precision is a beta-alanine powder supplement. Formulated with 100% real ingredients Beta-A provides you with the endurance and power boost you need to help you reach your fitness goals. With added carnosine levels to fight hydrogen ions (H+) to help prevent muscle fatigue. Beta-A helps to buffer muscle fatigue and make the most of your workouts.


    Mix one scoop of Precision BETA-A with 100 200 ml of water or fruit juice. Consume 30 minutes prior to exercise. In order to avoid sensitivities, start with a dose of less than one scoop and gradually increase your dose to one full scoop over a period of 1 2 weeks. Consume up to three servings daily. Allow for a two-hour gap between each dose.