HYLANDS Cold Tabs w/Zinc (50 tabs)

HYLANDS Cold Tabs w/Zinc (50 tabs)

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  • Easy/pleasant to take quick dissolve lactose tablets
  • Non habit forming, no sleepy or stimulant side eNon habit forming, no sleeNon habit forming, no sleepy or stimulant side effectspy or stimulant side effectsffects
  • Free of alcohol, artificial flavours, sugars & dyes

  • Description

    HYLANDS - Cold Tabs w/Zinc - 50 Homeopathic Tablet(s) - NPN: 80021873 -- Hyland's Cold Tablets with Zinc Quick Dissolving Tablets provide fast, natural relief from symptoms of the common cold.* The drippy misery of runny nose, headache and nasal congestion are relieved with these homeopathic tablets that dissolve immediately in your mouth. This all-natural homeopathic formula works without side effects and won't interact with other medications-day or night!


    Adults: Dissolve 2 - 3 tablets under tongue 2-3 times a day. Acute dosing: Every 15 minutes for 4 doses then 2-3 times a day.