HERBALAND Kids Immune (Cherry - 90 Gummies)

HERBALAND Kids Immune (Cherry - 90 Gummies)

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  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Helps to support immune health
  • Sugar Free - Nut Free
  • Dairy Free - Glutan Freed
  • Vegan - non GMO

  • Description

    With the combination of powerful antioxidants Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Elderberry and Echinacea working together to support immune health, getting over a cold has never been so healthy, tasty and fun!These delicious Immune gummies are a factor in the maintenance of good health. They are made with a unique plant-based, organic and sugar-free formula.


    For children of 4 years old and over. Take 3 gummies per day with food, a few hours before or after taking other medications.;;