FLORA Flor•Essence Dry Herbal Tea Blend (63 gr)

FLORA Flor•Essence Dry Herbal Tea Blend (63 gr)

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  • Safe and effective full body cleanse
  • 8-herb formula synergistically supports multiple elimination pathways
  • Organic + Gluten-Free + Kosher + Non-GMO + Vegan
  • Ideal for disease, chronic illness or general cleansing
  • Contains no caffeine, preservatives or artificial colours

  • Description

    Flora - FlorEssence® Dry Herbal Tea Blend - 63 Gram(s) - NPN: 80035176 -- Flor-Essence is a gentle cleanse that supports your bodys natural processes, helping it to remove toxins more efficiently. Inspired by a traditional Ojibwa formula, the 8-herb formula was developed and perfected through years of research by nurse Rene Caisse, with the help of Dr. Charles Brusch, former personal physician to U.S. President John F. Kennedy. The result is a traditional formula that can help the body cleanse itself, naturally.


    Take 3 tablespoons of the prepared tea 3 times daily. Diluted with an equal amount of hot water, sip slowly. Preferably, take an hour before breakfast and lunch, and on an empty stomach before bed.