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BOTANICA Kava Root Liquid Extract (50 ml)

BOTANICA Kava Root Liquid Extract (50 ml)

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  • BOTANICA - Kava Root Liquid Extract - 50 Millilitre(s) - NPN: 80043886 
  • Helps relieve restlessness
  • Helps support emotional balance
  • Kava Root is also a muscle relaxant
  • Can be useful for fibromyalgia

  • Kava Root is a potent herbal extract which helps relieve restlessness and support emotional balance. Kava Root is also a muscle relaxant, and can be useful for fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, muscle spasms, and insomnia with muscular tension. It acts as a mucous membrane anodyne, and reduces pain in the throat, stomach, and urinary tract.Usage30-40 drops (1.5-2 mL) taken 4 times per day.

    • Kava0.05 ml
    Non-Medicinal Ingredients
    • Ethanol
    • Purified water
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