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GENESTRA Amino L-Glutamine Powder (270 gr)

GENESTRA Amino L-Glutamine Powder (270 gr)

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  • Supports immune and digestive system health following physical stress
  • Restores plasma glutamine levels depleted by physical stress
  • Assists in muscle cell repair after exercise
  • Provides 4 .5 grams of L-glutamine per serving
  • Description

    Genestra - Amino L-Glutamine Powder - 270 Gram(s) - NPN: 80039793 -- Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid that supports both digestive and immune system health . The majority of glutamine uptake occurs in the small intestine, where glutamine acts as an important energy source for the intestinal mucosa. During periods of physical stress, glutamine levels can become depleted, increasing the permeability of the intestinal mucosa . Glutamine supplementation has been shown to support normal digestive function and prevent increasedintestinal permeability during periods of physical stress.Glutamine levels also tend to decrease following prolonged physical exertion, which could impact immune function, as glutamine is a majorenergy source for certain immune cells . In a clinical study conducted on endurance athletes, glutamine supplementation helped to minimize occurrence of post-exercise infections and increase the ratio of T-helper; T-suppressor cells.

    Medicinal Ingredients
    • L-Glutamine5 g
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